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Melasma, also known as dark spots or hyperpigmentation, often appears on your face. While it’s not physically painful, you may find it affects your confidence. Our dermatologists not only provide clinically proven treatments to brighten your skin, but ongoing, personalized care to support your journey.  


Melasma is a condition that causes patches of discoloration and dark, freckle-like spots to develop on the skin, most commonly on the face.

While the exact cause of melasma isn’t clear, it’s likely the result of overactive pigment-making cells (melanocytes), which are triggered by sun exposure and hormonal changes. Melasma is present in 15-50% of pregnancy patients, and much more common among women than men. In fact, 90% of melasma cases are in women.


Despite its prevalence among women and pregnancy patients, people of all genders can develop melasma.

The most common risk factors are sun exposure, hormonal changes, and genetics.

Melasma often fades and reappears over time depending on sun exposure.

Melasma doesn’t just affect the face — it can develop on any part of the skin exposed to sunlight so it typically worsens in the summer.

Wearing sunscreen every day is one of the most important parts of melasma prevention and treatment. 


Facet provides a full spectrum of care and clinically proven treatments to help improve the appearance of melasma and even out your skin tone.

Melasma affects everyone differently. For some, it may look like freckles, while for others it can cause blotchy patches all over the face. Our team of skin specialists will learn about your specific symptoms and triggers to design a treatment plan just for you. 


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